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  1. Dear Sir / Madam,

    May I know if an Indian Citizen with residential status as NRI/RNOR is allowed to open Sukanya Samriddhi Account for his daughter who is residing in India? Funds need not be repatriable.

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Shyam,

      We have to wait for further notifications from Govt. So far NRIs can not open Sukanya Samriddhi Account or you can say there is no clear provision for this.

      1. Sir, Now my Daughter age is 7 year.after ten years she will go to higher education.Now i start SSA account after 10 years she eligible to get the amount of 50% of the scheme.

  2. I need list of banks which are having Sukhanya samriddhi Account.

    1. Hi Depak,

      Kindly check out the below post for banks where one can open SSA account

  3. Hello,

    You can download Sukanya Samriddhi Account Excel based calculator from money excel website.

    Please use following link:-

    1. Hi Raviraj,

      Thanks for your comment. I have also referred to the same excel based calculator only. You have done a good job. 🙂

  4. Sir,

    1. Reference to Sukanya Samridhi accounts for girl child. My daughter is 31/2 years old. As per the guide line for opening accounts, is from the date of birth & up to 10 years. It is not clear if the account is opened from date of birth the period prior to opening account, ie. 3 1/2 years how it could be regularized. Whether the whole amount along with interest for the said period is to be deposited.
    2. Kindly clarify soon.
    With regards,

    1. Hi Haibat,

      You can open SSY account for your kid as she is just 3.5 years old. The age limit is till 10 years of age. And from now till 14 + 3.5 = 17.5 years you can deposit money in this account. But remeber that the min yearly deposit is Rs 1000 and max is 1.5 lakh for Sukanya Samriddhi Account.

  5. Dear Sir,

    I have a doubt, Now the interest rate 9.1% is fine, but in future the things may change,What I mean to say is,if we do same savings even banks may increase interest rate in future, in this cases will government also increase this interest rate or it will be same till 21 years..

    Please ignore this question if my understanding is wrong.


    1. Hi Mahesh,

      The interest rate for Sukanya Samriddhi Account will change every year. For FY 2014-15 it was 9.1%, but as we are moving to a new FY very soon, it will change. Now it may increase or decrease, but it will be applied for both post office and bank.

      I hope I am able to answer your query. Let me know if you have some query still. I will try to clarify them. 🙂

  6. Any possibility to get a calculated to check the returns. As v are planning to invest for 8 yrs old girl.
    Guide me in this.

    1. Hi Priya,
      Don’t worry about the return and as the interest rate is changeable yearly basis, you can’t get the accurate return value. But if you can expect a good return in long term. Don’t rely 100% on this scheme for your kid’s future. Invest in other investment options as well besides this if you have more money.

      1. Hi Sir… I need one clarification.. My daughter was 5 years old.. I Am interested to open ssy a/c. If I was opened a minimum amount of rs. 1000 means.. All every current year also we have to put 1000 only or may I increase the saving amount like savings account? Pls clarify sir..

        1. Hi Anitha,

          Rs 1000 / year is the min amount one have to deposit. That doesn’t mean that you have to deposit that much only. You can deposit max Rs 1.5 lakh a year.

  7. Chandra parkash gupta

    I now out of India April last I come India may June me ham account opan kar sakte hai ..

    1. Hi Chandra,

      Yes, you can open Sukanya Samriddhi Account when you will back in India. This scheme is expected to continue for long term like PPF account. So nothing to worry. Anyway how old is your daughter?

  8. Sir,

    Shall i open this SSY Account through online in bank/ post office

    1. Hi Veena,

      You can’t apply Sukanya Samriddhi Account in online so far. But I believe it will go online in coming days. As this is a newly launched scheme, it needs huge promotion to spread. I think the first milestone would be Banks offering this scheme. As soon as Banks like SBI or ICICI come in picture, this scheme will surely add more features like online access. Till that time wait and keep visiting our blog. 🙂

  9. my daughter 7 yrs old how many years i deposit money and. Which time it maturity i receive

  10. My understanding by seeing the excel calculator we could invest amount in SSY till 14 years.
    After that we could not able to invest. And the maturity will be at the Age of 21 yrs of girl child.
    Please correct if my understanding is wrong.

    1. In simple way, you are right if the age of the girl child is 0 years.

  11. My Name ranjith my child age is 4 years now. How many years i have to deposit. which year it will be maturated. If i am deposited 12000 for year how much i will get at the end of maturated.

    1. Hi Ranjit,

      We have already shared these information in this website. Please check out the other articles to get your answer.

      1. Sir my child age is 1 year . Which is better among sukanya scheme or lic jeevan anand scheme to get better amount after maturity

  12. I have opened an ssa account for my girl child.My daughter and myself reside in india now,but her dad is a NRI.Next month we both also move as a NRI.Will I get all benefits of SSA at the time of maturity,being as an NRI ?

  13. Sir my child age is 10 year and 11 months DOB is 14-01-2004 can i open a account under
    Sukanya Samriddhi Account pl. advise.

  14. my doughter age is…

  15. My girl child is 8 year old tell me can I Withdrawal all amount on her marriage at age of 23 year. Please guide me The amount was Paid with full interest or cut any deduction because I need money for Marriage. Can I Withdrawal All Money SSY Account after 15 years When my child is age of 23. It is Sure not amount is deducted and I get Deposit + Interest.

    1. You can find the details mentioned in this website clearly. 🙂

  16. I want to link Sukanya Samridhi A/C with my Savings A/C and want to deposit to Sukanya Samridhi A/C through Net Banking . How is it Possible?

  17. Dear Sir
    Kya me saal bhar me ek Hi baar me 12000 jama Kara sakta hu… Tab hame kitna value milega

    1. Yes, you can deposit the entire amount in a single transaction also. The benefits are all same and discussed many times.

  18. my daughter six years old .i want to open the account .and my invest amout is 2000 rs/month.pls help me. after maturity how much amount will be return.thank u

  19. kishor bapu bagale

    my girl 10 year I have monthly amount in suknya shamreudhi yojana and other benefit


    Telugu mater if about scheme

  21. Sir I have lost my sukanya passbook how I will get duplicate passbook

    1. Pls contact post office

  22. how many months should i pay if 1500/- per month to my child

  23. sir from whr i should open this account

    either from gov bank or post office

    send me tha calculation sheet

    and if i will pay 1.5 lakhs per year

    the return will be 78 lakhs
    but it will be IT free or i have to pay the tax.

    bcoz in ur portal it shown that it will exempted under 80C 1961

    plz clear me out

    1. Please search our website for all information. We have already shared.

  24. I want to open an account in SSY so i wanted to Kwon is this scheme is still open or close reply me please………….

    1. Yes, you can approach to a bank to open SSA account

  25. saraswathi Jaiganesh

    Hi sir…i hv doubt with ssa account… Every year i pay 12000 means aft 14th or 21st yr how much i got…. Can u please tell me that exact amt.. One more req ssa amt pay for same branch only ah if possible to pay other branch

  26. Hi sir,
    my daughter d.o.b is 18/09/2006 can i open this account for her and just i want to know that is it compulsory to deposite money until her age is 15 actually i am doing a private job and my job is not secure some times i have and some times i don’t have.
    please help me to know about these

    1. Don’t worry, just need Rs 500 / year to keep the account activated.

  27. Hi Sir,

    Myself Rajesh, I have opened SSY in my daughter’s name on 16th nov 2015, i am planning to invest 150000 every year, In my case one year is considered from nov 16th 2015 to nov 16th 2016 or it will be 1st april to 31st march(financial year)

    1. financial year. interest will be deposited on 31st march every year.

  28. I have one question regarding SSA
    I opened SSA FOR MY 3.5 YEAR DAUGHTER if in any case my status changes to NRI in future how does it work?
    Do I need to inform the bank ?r close my account?how does it work?plz help
    Thank you

    1. Yes, you have to inform the bank and close the account

  29. Dear Sir,
    my girl DOB is 29th March 2016. also open account in july 2016. now im thinking i will deposit 1000 rs per month till maturity date, can you share Maturity date, value & other benefit


  30. Krishna vishal agarwal

    Sir, I just want to know what’s d minimum amount tobe deposited in an yearly basis.some says 1000 as yearly principal and some says it as a monthly amount.plz do rply at ur earliest.I have read al ur blogs but stil unable to clear myself

    1. To keep the account active, just deposit rs 1000 every year.

  31. this a/c is opened on 5.6.2015 (daughters age 6 yrs 5 months 25 days). when my account will be matured and what would be the maturity value. plz help.

  32. I want to transfer SSY account from Post Office to Bank. Please suggest step how to transfer SSY account.

  33. i started my acccount when my daughter is 1.6yrs what is maturity date of this account. Account opened date 1/10/2016 my kid birth date 5/2/2015.whether we have to pay every month or else shal i make as a single payment of the limit how it is being calculated.the accont named as selvamaghal samipu thittam pls clarify it soon.

  34. Hi i would like to know how the interest are calculated ,if i invest like say in the month of june i invest 40k and in dec 10 k ,so total would be 50 k but will the interest will be 4550 per year or it will depend on how we invested and then only interest will be paid ?

  35. Hi,

    I opened the sukanya samriddhi account for my daughter on March’2016 and the interest rate was 9.2%. My concern is whether the same interest rate (i.e. 9.2%) will continue for complete term of 21 years ?.

  36. I am depositing 2000/- per month in SSA. How much will be the amount at the time of maturity plz

  37. hi sir every year 1000 after 21 years how many amount is get in my account

  38. thanks for sharing have found and download the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Calculator prepared by moneyexcel keep going on..

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