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  1. I opened SSY a/c on my daugther name in SBI.
    Advantage of opening in SBI is definitely better as it enables us to transfer funds to this account online.
    But SBI doesn’t allow me to have online access to this account, if I need to know the balance, I need to visit the branch and get my SSY passbook printed.

    Reason they specified not linked to my SB a/c is:
    1. This account is not in your name, its in your daughter’s name
    2. You can’t transact from this account, you can deposit only, so it can’be linked to your a/c

    Would be good if we get to see the statement online.

    1. Hi
      How do you transfer money online to SSY account? Do we need to add as beneficiary and just do fund transfer is it?

      1. Dear Raghu,

        I have my daugther SSY account in SBI and also have a SB account in SBI, I have added SSY account in my account and transfer amount online, when ever I wish to.

        As Suresh mentioned, we do not have online access to SSY account to check the balance, we need to go to bank and get the passbook updated to know the balance.

        But still SSY in SBI is better than in post office, as its easy and quick to transfer money.

        – Suresh

        1. how to get transfer from post office to sbi ,post office they added ,it is not possible ,pls expalin

      2. Yes we can transfer online in SSY by adding beneficial

  2. i want to open sukanya samrudhi account against my daughter

  3. सर सुकन्या अकाउंट की स्टेटमेन्ट ppf अकाउंट की तरहा ऑनलाइन बैंकिंग में क्यों नही दिखता है।

  4. I like this plan.l want to open this plan for my daughter.

  5. I noted over Lakhs people have SSA in post office as at the time of beginning it, no bank offered it. Now days some banks offered SSA. The reason is obvious for seeking transfer the SSA from post office to Bank. Unfortunately, no authentic circular regarding such transfer neither employee of the bank or post office are aware about such transfer if any. No help till yet for such transfer.
    Pls suggest.

    1. Dear Pankaj,

      There is process of transferring your SSY a/c from post office to SBI, here is procedure

      The procedure:

      – Visit the post office branch where you hold the account with your passbook and KYC documents
      – The girl child is not required to be accompanied at the branch, unless she is managing the accounts herself
      – You need to deposit or surrender the passbook given to you by post office at the time of opening of the account.
      – Inform the post office executive that you want to close your account at post office and want to transfer the account to a particular bank
      – The bank executive would close the account at post office and prepare necessary documents that you need to submit at the bank branch where you wish to get the account.
      – Visit the bank branch where the account has to be transferred and submit the papers to the concerned executive
      – The bank official would ask for your KYC documents and the papers given to you by the post office
      – The bank official would create a new passbook which would comprise of the carried forward balance from the previous account at post office
      – The new account would be activated at the bank branch and you can start banking from here on
      – As you can see the process of transferring the account from post office to bank is quite simple. All you need to do is make two visits to the post office and bank and the account would be transferred. Make sure to carry along copies of KYC documents so that you do not need to visit back and forth.


      1. Thanks for updating this. 🙂

  6. Dear sir I don’t have sbi account but I have Canara bank account. She’ll I open sukanya samrudhi yojana?

    1. It would be better if you open SSY account in Canara Bank itself, they have options to open it.

      Advantage of opening where you have SB account is online transfer would be easy may be in future they would link it to your account so that you can check the balance.

  7. I want to open sukanya yojana scheme for my 2 daughter they are one daughter age of becoming 8 years old, and another daughter completed 1 1/2 years old. So how to proceed to open that account for my daughters plz give suggetion to me how to calculate contribution for paying deposit of 14 years. And which way to get maturity valuve at the of maturity time and either 21 years…

  8. I am trying to transfer online from my HDFC account to the Sukanya sanriddhi account but its getting declined. WHat could be the reason?? i went to the SBI Branch also to check but the officials could not provide any valid information. Kindly help.

    1. Dear Paromita,
      I haven’t tried this option of transferring funds to SSY from non SBI, based on my experience in SBI online fund transfer, you should be able to transfer funds from non SBI to your SSY in SBI a/c.
      The process is same as any NEFT process, add payee a/c details into your HDFC SB a/c and start transferring, only point you need to make note is, the name should be exactly same as in the SSY account. eg: if SSY account is in the name of Meda Nidhi, payee name should also be same and not M Nidhi. SBI policy rejects such transactions.

  9. i opened the SSA account in post office,whether it is possible to transfer SSA from post office to SBI & how to transfer kindly advoice me to do the same please.

  10. Hi raghu/suresh,

    I have opened a SSY a/c for my kid .can you guys please let me know where i should add her a/c details in my SB a/c.(i.e,. do i need to add her in beneficiary a/c).


  11. Sir meri girl 10 years aur 9 months ki hai kya ye yojna Ka labh mil sakta hai

  12. Abhishek Chaudhari

    I do not have SBI Account, but I want to open SSY account in SBI. Can I open it? In the branch they are saying it is mandatory to open an SBI Account by guardian.

    1. Yes, I think SBI bank account is required here.

  13. sir.,
    so web sites are POSTING new rules regarding SSA a/c but GOI doesn’t disclose this.
    Are these posting are real?

    1. These information are also shared in all popular newspapers in India. I think only bank & post offices can tell better.

  14. I have sbi account. Want to open ssy in sbi. Sbi officials telling to open savings account first for my child and then to open ssy account. Are they right?

    1. I don’t think that opening a bank account mandatory. Please ask them why they are saying like this.

  15. Hello sir
    How much amount i can deposit in sukanya sumridhi account every month. I want to deposit Rs.500/- every month can i do so

    1. Max limit is Rs 1.5 lakh

  16. hi i recently opened ssy account in sbi. now i want to transfer funds through online by my icici.
    but when i want to transfer funds there is no option for ssy account there is only saving account and current account. so please tell me how can i transfer funds through my icici bank.

    1. Did you try adding the SSA account as beneficiary like your pay bill for others?

  17. Hi I want to open an SSA for my daughter. She will be one this 30th. Right now I stay in US. Can I open the a/c online from here ? Could you please guide me.

    1. No, you can’t open SSA from USA online.

      1. Sukanya samridi Bima polysi krani j

  18. i have a ssa in post office and the problem is long Q for the remittance , is it possible to transfer to sbi,
    can add PO a/c numnber (ssa) as benificisay a/c to my bank a/c

  19. Thanks for sharing this. Its really beneficial for me

  20. Mere 2 daughters ka ssa post office Behjam me hai. Jabki mera sb account sbi Behjam me hai. Apni suvidha k liye mai apni daughters ke dono ssa sbi me tranfer karvana chahta hoo.pls process batayen.

    1. Please post office me contact kijiye and puchiye kya process he,

  21. Can anyone tell me how to do this.
    “Like PPF account, you can simply create a standing instruction to transfer money regularly & automatically to your SSA account.”

    Even sbi is not able to help me out here.

  22. Nice Information, Thanks for sharing Santanu sir. Its beneficial for me.

  23. Sir can i open an other account ssa in sbi while i have ssa account in post office

  24. I Have opened an SSY account in SBI in Sep-16 for my daughter whose DOB is 28/1/07

    I wanted whether I can withdraw amount at the time of her marriage when she will be 23-24 years of age, Since 2016 to 2030 would be around 14 years and scheme is for 21 years, how can I get money at the time of marriage…please carify

  25. every body discussing how to deposit the amount, no body asking on what condition we will get this amount on my daughter marriage what are the proves the bank will ask at the time of marriage.
    Because people believes and depends on amount which they have to get, at that time the bank terms and conditions is feasible then its ok.
    Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana in SBI Bank should clear this first.
    if my daughter crosses 14 year then what amount I have to deposit

  26. Pradeep kumar soreng

    Please tell how & what requirements needed open sukanya samriddhi yojana in sbi

  27. I wants to offline application form sukanya samriddhi yojana with SBI

    1. I think you have to visit SBI branch to get sbi sukanya samriddhi yojana application form.

  28. Hi
    Is there no option to link ssy account to my savings account in sbi? Can I add my this as benefiaciary’s savings account to transfer from my Icici account?
    Is there anyway other than printing the passbook to know the transaction details?


  29. Kitne rupees jma krane hote h 1 saal me
    Aur kitne saal tk krane h

    1. 1 saal main aap 150000rs max bar sakte ho 14 sal tak apko barnahi hai uske baad aap 50% amont nikalsakte hai or 21 saal ke baad aap pura paise nikal sakte hai.

    2. 1,000/- to 1,50,000/- Per Year

  30. I have completed all the forum, when i about submit all the documents to wagholi branch pune they ask for my children’s adhaar card. Kindly suggest is there really needed as there not many adhaar kendra all over india

  31. सर सुकन्या अकाउंट की स्टेटमेन्ट ppf अकाउंट की तरहा ऑनलाइन बैंकिंग में क्यों नही दिखता है

    1. Wow facility abhi tak nahi aaya.

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