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  1. If i deposit Rs.1000/- monthly in first year then will i have to deposit Rs.1000/- monthly every year or is it flexible i.e If i have more funds in can increase or decrease if i don’t have. Kindly confirm whether amount to be deposited fixed or flexible? Kindly revert.

    1. Hi Sachin,

      Flexibility regarding payment is there. The minimum deposit amount in a year is Rs 1000, that you have to pay every year to continue the SSA account. And max you can deposit 1.5 lakh in any breaks or in any month. Hope this answers your question.

  2. HI Author,

    I have the below questions:

    1. Do we have to pay monthly visiting post office or go on december and pay (say 10000 INR). Since online option not available, just trying to understand this one.

    2. Do i(Parent only) visit post office everytime for payment or any family member can take the card and make a payment.

    3. Say i pay 10000 this year, Can i pay 20000 next year or should be same amout every yr.

    4. On Maturiy(i know its too early to ask) who should sign and get it. Parent or the Girl child herself?

    5. All subsiquent payment are Cash or DD or Cheque etc?

    thanks for your informations.


    1. Hi Siva,

      Kindly find out my answers below

      1) If you want to pay monthly then you have to visit monthly to bank or post office and deposit amount. If you want to pay yearly then deposit the entire amount at one go. So it is as simple as this.

      2)I think the account opener has to deposit the amount as they may validate who is depositing the amount. Although not sure about that. Just thinking that in case the account opener died and some else depositing the amount then how they will catch this?

      3) from 1000 – 1.5 lakh, any amount if you can deposit in any year.

      4) Yes, this is too early I also think so. But I believe the girl child and the guardian both have to provide their sign in the withdrawal form. Anyway after 10 years of age girl child can operate the account self only. But still I believe the account opener would have some role, again the same doubt like point 2.

      5) So far there is no online transfer or ECS facility available. So anything e.g. cash or DD or cheque could be ok.

  3. Thanks Santanu for the quick reply.

    On Point 2: So if i open the acct and i had to travel , so becomes NRI. now i need to find someone who can pay money for me. ideally brother or sister(hope they help here) i thought it will be as simple as you carry your passbook and get payment done.
    So that is point to be concerned.

    1. I agree your point and I am sure that there would be some way out. Just wait few more days to know more cases about this new scheme. Post office people are very lethargic in nature and don’t have much knowledge. I think it will take some time to educate them about Sukanaya Samridhhi Scheme. Then only we can get 100% accurate information. Till that time we can use our own logic only. 🙂

  4. Hi,
    Just made a visit to post office for opening SSA in name of my daughter & since I too had a similar question on who else could make deposits they said anyone could make deposits once ot is opened provided they bring passbook wid them.


    1. Hi Pankti,

      Thanks for the updated information. I think you are right, anyone should be able to deposit the amount with the passbook facility. Just like a savings bank or post-office deposit account only.

  5. My purpose of visiting this site is for the question that SSA account is opened with 1000/- cash deposit but for subsequent deposits can the post department asks for cash deposits even when the amount is above 50000/-?

    1. Hi Pankti,

      As per rules, whenever the cash deposit amount is more than 50,000 in bank or post office, it should ask to provide PAN number. I think the same rule will also apply here. The post office people might very relax in nature and not at all bothering about these facts, due to their typical Govt. employee attitude. This has to be changed, otherwise such a nice scheme Sukanya Samriddhi Account will not be able to reach its actual audience.
      From your side try to collect more information and never break a rule. If your deposit is more than 50,000 then submit a cheque or provide your PAN. Income tax department laws are getting very strict day by day.

  6. HI,
    I have question related to withdrawl policy of SSA. Is it the girl child only who will have the sole ownership of withdrawing the amount? Because , as a guardian depositing the amount should have control while withdrawl, otherwise after 21 years if the grown up girl child being influenced or by her own thought doesnt agree to give control to the guardian or misutilize the’ll be a total mess !!

    1. Hi Papiya,

      As per Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana rules as soon as the girl child turn 10 years old, she can take the ownership of the account. Now in case of maturity I think girl child can withdraw the money as per maturity rules without involvement of guardian. But this is too early to assume those facts, we have to wait for clear and accurate facts that will disclose soon.
      And regarding utilization of the fund or the account, I think that we can’t even control with all our existing investment products, if someone try to target emotionally.

    2. I have same question and thought,bcoz we will deposit our hard earned money for 21 years,and after 21 years ,things get out of control as I see new generation,,(its just my thinking),then it will be really disheartening,bcoz most of the people like me saving for old age also

  7. Great service you are providing Santanu. Anyway to connect with you outside this forum because I am very fascinated by SSY and have some ideas to help initiate new accounts in rural India through an NGO I co-founded. You have my email address now.
    (1) Should I open a SSA account on June 15, 2015 with the required minimum of Rs. 1000, have I met the yearly requirement until June 14, 2016 or the minimum yearly requirement of adding Rs. 1000 goes by the Indian fiscal year.
    (2) Does the yearly requirement of a minimum Rs. 1000 go by the date of account opening or by the MONTH only?
    (3) By the way I was in Ghaziabad and the form I received from the post office does include SS accounts as one of the options, and it is a little too complex ( 4 pages) even for a person with good education but I wonder what if the person is not be educated. I was also given a form only in English and I wonder if there is an equivalent in HIndi or other languages. Could you kindly post Hindi form on your site, if possible.
    (4) The question of withdrawal: It is my understanding that the girl child is in full control of the account after she is 10 years old. I also understand that even she can not withdraw anything until she is 18 and even at that time she can withdraw only half the amount for higher education and/or marriage. Is it true? I understand that there are many questions about withdrawal without much clarity.
    (5) Do you have any statistics, or know of a source, about how well SSY accounts are being opened in rural India and if the government is doing anything to help rural folks to get started?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Vijendra,

      Thanks for liking our effort, kindly let us know if we could help you in anyway to spread about SSA account.
      Kindly find out the answers as per my knowledge
      1) and 2) The min amount is not depend on any date. Whenever account opened, within a financial year it is set as Rs 1000. No matter in which month you open Sukanya Samriddhi Account with that FY.
      3) Yes, I am also looking for a SSA form in Hindi. Anyway govt. is taking initiatives to educate post office staffs, I think they can help people to fill the form. Although it will take some time to implement.
      4) I think you can refer to this article already shared about the foreclosure rules
      5) So far I am tracking all leading newspapers to get latest updates on Sukanya Samriddhi account new saving scheme. If you have some data, you can share with our audience.

      I hope you can share about your NGO and also what kind of activity it is doing for the welfare of girl child in our society.

  8. Hi,

    I have opened Sukanya account in one of the post office in Hyderabad. My daughter is 9 year old and while depositing the amount in post office this month out of curiosity I’ve asked post master about withdrawal. He told me that you cannot withdraw amount till 21 years from the account opening date. He said its clearly mentioned in the post office website. That means as of now my daughter is 9 year old so I will only be withdraw money when she attain age of 30 (after 21years). I think its very confusing and if we save for girls marriage then its going to be disaster & of no use as generally girl marriage happens early. I want to know whether we can withdraw money and close account when girl reaches age of 21 or is it only when account complete its 21 year of existence.
    Below update is mentioned in post office website,
    “Account can be closed after completion of 21 years.”

    Your early reply will be much appreciated.


  9. I have opened a SSA. I need to know that by which date of the month shall i transfer the amount in this account to get the interest of that month.
    If i compare with PPF, I have to transfer the amount by 5th day of the month to get the interest of that month.

    I think i may made my query clear. Please advice

  10. Here’s the link I found in an another forum confirming the rules of transfer from Post Office to Bank for SSY but not sure if anyone has successfully done that.

    I, myself, want to transfer the SSY accounts from post office to the Bank. Is there anyone who has sucessfully tranfered the SSY account to the bank from post office? Please confirm.

  11. if i deposit in one month Rs.10 k & next month i have not sufficient fund & i deposit Rs. 8 K is possible.

  12. Sir, i have opened SSA for my daughter in SBM bank. But the Passbook i have received is not as described – the pink book. It’s like any other sbm Passbook. Should i worry?
    Next thing is i am able to to do online transfer after adding her SSA as beneficiary, but its appearing as PPF account after transfer is done. Is it okay?

  13. sir keval postoffice ya bank me hi h sukanya samridhi yojana

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