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  1. Today my daughter age is 9 yrs. Does this scheme will compel me to deposit money for 14 years or till my daughter attains age of 21 yrs. Its not clear whether the period 14 yrs-21yrs is related to number of years one has to deposit the amount or its related to age of 14 and age of 21.
    say for example
    one girl is of age 9 yrs today i.e in 2015. after a period of 10 yrs ,girls age would be 19. Can the girl get 50% of money though the scheme has run only for a period of 10 yrs. similarly after a period of 13 yrs the girls age would be 22. will she get the maturity amount. pls confirm.

    1. Hi Mahendra,

      The years 14 and 21 is from the date of opening. In your case the deposit year will be till 9 + 14 = 23 years and maturity year will be 9 + 21 = 30 years. But if your kid got married before 30 year then this account should be close immediately.

      Now when the girl will be 18 years, means after 9 years you can withdraw 50% amount for her education expenses. In this case you can withdraw before finishing the deposit years only. But maturity of Sukanya Samriddhi Account will be at the age of 30 or the age of her marriage whichever is earlier.

  2. sandeep kumar singh

    in case of depositary person death what are the benfits to girl.

    1. In case the depositor die unfortunately and it is not possible for the girl child to continue the account then this account should be foreclosed asap. You can check out the Sukanya Samriddhi Account pre-closure rules below

  3. Hi Santanu,

    Can you please write more content regarding comparison with various other schemes with Sukanya Samriddhi Account new saving scheme? I think this will be very helpful to find how this scheme stand with other popular savings scheme.

    1. Hi Jaya,

      Thanks for this wonderful suggestion.

      I am planning to write more useful articles related to this scheme and also other post office savings schemes. Besides that as Govt. is planning to launch more schemes for the mass population of India, I will also update the readers of this blog with all such news.

  4. Admiring the commitment you put into yyour blog and in depth information you provide.

    It’s good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old
    rehashed material. Wonderrful read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding
    your RSS feeds to my Google account.

    1. Thanks kim for your comments.

  5. my daughter is 2 years old & i want to know if i deposit 1000 per month that means 12000 per year how much she will get at maturity of the scheme.

    1. Hi Wajahat,
      You can download sukanya samriddhi account calculator from the below link & calculate the maturity amount. Don’t forget to change the interest rate column with the current interest rate of 9.2% (FY 2015-16).

  6. Sir,

    I want to know at the time of 18 years what type of documents a girl child has to deposit at that time. Since my daughter is 8 years old at present having name XXXXXX in birth certificate but we have changed her name to YYYYYYY in school. Please confirm only birth certificate is sufficient at that time. Please suggest.

  7. Sir i have daughter her age was 10 years when i started this scheme. I am paying Rs.1000 monthly. Till how many years shall i pay the amount and what age i would get the amount back.

  8. Dear Sir,

    I have opened SSA a/c for my daughter on Jan-2016 with the initial payment of 15,000 at Indian bank. And whenever I got additional money , I am depositing to this a/c. So far I have deposited 70,000. However these deposits are not made every month. Sometime I made more than one deposits on same month and other months I have not deposited any amount.

    my question – is it mandatory to pay a minimum amount every month (Ex Rs 1000/-) ? means that can’t we miss deposit ever month … I read in a article that if I missed deposit for a month then interest rate would only be 4%. is that correct? .

    Thank you,

    1. Min deposit amount is applicable for a year only, not monthly basis.

      1. Hi Santanu,

        Then interest rate will also be clac on month basis or year’ly basis..

        For example :- i have 3 month continues from April to jun after that i didn’t paid any amount till Feb then i have paid total amount in March
        is interest amount rate will be calc monthly are yearly basis..

  9. MY daughter age is 9 years in 2015 when i open this account , what is her maturity years and what is her 50% withdrawal year (if required). if my daughter age is 9 and policy term is 21 for maturity, means account mature till 2030. but if her marriage will plan in 2024,25,26 any years can full amount will mature and can we withdraw ?

  10. Hi All,

    My name is Kaman
    Can any one help regarding below issue.
    How can Sukanya Samriddhi Account Interest will calculate on monthly basis or yearly basis.

  11. Hi,Anuradha here…

    My baby is just 6months and I started with SSA from September 23 2016, I want to know is the ROI variable with years also mean to say that right now it’s 8.6% what if it changes in January to 9%??Interest rates will be calculated accordingly???

    1. Yes, the interest rate will change every financial year and accordingly the maturity benefit will also computed.

      1. what is the process to open SSA , need to open PAN card. i dont have that card

  12. Who will get the maturity amount?in case girl get out of control bcoz no one knows futur,so guardians can withdraw whole amounts

  13. Hi Chaitanya here,
    Dose the amount to be invested in SSA should be same every year like if I deposited Rs. 12000/- this year I have to pay only Rs. 12000/- all the fourteen years or I deposited Rs. 12000/- this year and next year I can increase it to Rs. 30000/- or Rs. 60000/-

  14. hai

    ashish here

    if some one deposit yearly Rs.1000 then how much amount will get back on maturity? is that same 600000/- or less. and what is the interest rate?

  15. Can we deposit monthly or early?

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